Global Knives Flexible Swedish Filleting Knife 21cm (G30)

Global Knives Flexible Swedish Filleting Knife 21cm
Global Knives Flexible Swedish Filleting Knife 21cm
Price: £119.00
Product Description: Global Knives Flexible Swedish Filleting Knife 21cm
Product Code: G30

Global Knives – Samurai History lives on

The Global knives Swedish filleting knife has a very long and narrow flexible blade with a finely tapered tip. This shape is ideal for easy filleting of fish. It is also useful when boning meat.It is designed to work around bones – and to cut in only those areas one wants to.

For over one thousand years Japan has been a land where steel crafting and sword-making has been steeped into the national consciousness. Global knives follow this Samurai legacy of excellence in steel craftsmanship.

Komin Yamada first designed the Global knives in 1985. His design brief was to produce a range of knives that were to be innovatory in design and to utilise the very best elements of high technology and materials. The Global Knives range had to meet the high standards of both chefs and keen amateur cooks.

The result is the wide range of well-balanced knives available today. A distinguishing feature of Global knives is the edge and the way in which it is sharpened. The edge is ground straight, not bevelled like the majority of western-style knives. This results in a sharper edge that holds its sharpness for an extended period of time.

Global knives have a great balanced feel, this is helped by the hollow handled knives being weighted internally to improve the handling. With no tang and a seamless method of construction, Global knives are sleek in appearance and also very hygienic in use with no dirt traps.

Global knives use the finest quality high carbon conten steel in their construction. Yoshikin, the manufacturers of Global knives actually have their own mix of steel which is named Cromova 18. This specail stel provides an adge hard enough to last but at the same time to allow Global knives to be reasonably easy to sharpen. The cRO in the name of the steel stands for chromium and the 18 is the % of chromium used in the steel mix. This high percentage of chromium aids stain resistance, although the owner should take care to keep knives clean and dry. Molybdenum and vanadium are also used in the steel mix for Global knives, these provide the hardness required for superb edge retaining properties.

Note: to purchase this product you must be aged 18 years or older.
Price: £119.00

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